Winter Wash


Winter Tree Wash - Description

  • Garden Pesticide
  • Apply to Trees & Shrubs in the Winter Months
  • Prevents Pests from Overwintering on Trees
  • Volume: 500ml
  • 100% Organic
  • Packaging: Plastic Bottle with Screw Lid
  • Manufacturer: Vitax

Winter Tree Wash - Uses

  • Winter tree wash can be applied in the following situations
  • Fruit trees, ornamental trees & shrubs
  • Use to control & kill a range of pests & pests eggs
  • Controls aphids, apple maggots & more
  • Prevent pest infestations at the beginning of the growing season
  • Can be used on dormant vines
  • Can be used under glass
  • Safe & easy way to control insects

Winter Tree Wash - How to Use

  • Apply in the dormant season
  • Ideally apply between October & December
  • Apply again in late March
  • Best applied in calm & dry weather conditions
  • Mix 10ml of Winter wash to 90ml of water
  • Apply to trees using a pressure sprayer
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