Lawn Moss Killer & Feed


Lawn Moss Killer (Non Rake Out)

  • Bag of Lawn Moss KIller
  • Brand: CleanLawn Feed & Improver
  • By Neudorff
  • Contains Beneficial Fungi
  • Fungi Eats Moss - Turns to Dust
  • No Need to Rake Out or Scarify
  • Dual Function:
    • Moss Control
    • Lawn Feed
  • Volume: 20Kg
  • Coverage as Moss Killer on Lawns: 400m2
  • Active Ingredients: MyccoVital® Mycorrhiza Fungi

Lawn Moss Killer - Uses

  • Use to control & kill moss on lawns
  • Use to feed grass & invigorate growth
  • Easy moss control on lawns without the hard work

Lawn Moss Killer - Advantages

  • No raking needed
  • Just apply & the bacteria will do the rest
  • Pain free moss control for lawns
  • 20Kg will cover 400m2 of lawn area
  • Gives fast & effective results
  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Child & pet safe
  • Fast acting & long term results

Lawn Moss Killer - Application Rates

  • Best applied from April onwards
  • Application Rate: 50g/m2
  • Apply using a broadcast spreader
  • Note: Moss will grow back over time if soil conditions are not amended
  • Note: Slower to work than traditional iron sulphate based moss killers, so give it a little time
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