Dicophar Lawn Weed Killer 1Ltr


Dicophar Lawn Weed Killer 1 Ltr

  • Brand: Dicophar
  • Fast & Efficient Control of Weeds in Lawns & Grass Areas
  • Volume: 1 Litre
  • Coverage: Can Cover Over 1000m2
  • Selective Weed Killer
  • Will Kill Broad Leaved Weeds Only
  • Will Not Kill Grass
  • Container: Plastic & Resealable w/ Child Resistant Cap
  • Contains: 70g/l 2,4-D, 70 g/l MCPA, 42g/l MCPP-P & 20g/l Dicamba

Lawn Weed Killer - Uses

  • Kills persistant weeds on lawns
  • For sports turf & amentity grass
  • Controls annual, perennial & broadleaf weeds including:
    • Clover, Buttercup, Thistles, Common Dandelion, Groundsel, Ragworth
    • Plantain, Yarrow, Knotgrass, Mint, Chickweed, Bitter-Cress, Cat's Ear
    • Lesser Trefoil, Docks, Pearlwort, Cleavers, etc
  • A contact, systemic weed killer and WILL NOT harm your soil

Dicophar Lawn Weed Killer - Directions for Use

  • Please read label for full instructions on use
  • Only apply when minimum of 24 hours of dry weather is expected
  • Do not use on a windy day
  • Apply in the growing season, preferably when weeds are at or near flowering
  • Always wear protective gloves and mask when using garden chemicals
  • Dilution Rate: 100ml of Dicophar to 10 litres of water
  • Application Rate: 10 litres of mix to 100m2 of grass area
  • Apply using a knapsack sprayer or handheld sprayer
  • Keep lawn weed killer in container provided
  • Keep animals and pets away from treated area until weed killer has dried into grass
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