UniPro Root Fly Control (200ml)


UniPro Rootfly Control - Description

  • Used on Cabbage & Carrots
  • Controls Against Root Flies ie. Carrot Fly & Cabbage Root Fly
  • Prevents Eggs from Hatching
  • Volume: 200ml
  • Give 5L of Diluted Pest Control
  • As This Product is Concentrated
    • 200ml = Coverage of 1250 Carrot Plants
    • Approx Cost = 1.5c Per Carrot
  • Use Outdoors on Vegetable Plot
  • Natural Active Ingredient: Garlic Based
  • Comes in Liquid Form - Dilution Required

UniPro Rootfly Control - Uses

  • This is the only chemical control for carrot fly available on the market
  • Use to prevent maggots of root flies from attacking your crops
  • For use on cabbage, carrots & other brassicas

UniPro Rootfly Control - Advantages

  • Guaranteed control against carrot fly
  • Allows you grow carrots without needing other carrot fly protection
  • Powder is diluted in water for ease of application
  • This also means the product will last longer

UniPro Rootfly Control - How to Use

  • Read instructions prior to application
  • Dilute in water as per instructions
  • Apply using a pressure sprayer or watering can

UniPro Rootfly Control - Application Rate

  • Dilute in water. 4% mix is the maximum strength
  • 200ml give 5L of diluted mix
  • For Brassicas, apply 5ml per plant to soil
  • For Carrots, apply 1L per m2
  • For Seedlings, one application is sufficient
  • For larger, 3 applications is sufficient
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